Envisionrx via orchard pharmacy

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Envisionrx via orchard pharmacy

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:35 pm

How in the world is it legal in this day and time for pharmacy services to be delayed for mental health medications causing children and adults to miss those medications or even worse diabetic, hypertension, stroke, cardiac medications.

BCBS of Florida has a high deductible plan where medications count towards your deductible, only 1 loop hole the connections are never updated or made between BCBS and Envision RX to Orchard pharmacy thus we are forced to pay higher prices then that which are truly owed and we pay more maximum out of pocket expense because the outrageous price we did pay is not sent back to BCBS to count towards our maximum oop expense although it is supposed to.

Last year I went through the same thing with the same people. I have my exact notes from things I was told. This year it is not even getting handled timely and my children and family are forced to go without their meds, 1st because of the time it is taking for Orchard to prepare the meds and call for payment, 2nd because Orchard is not getting answers to return questions and resolution and 3rd because Envisionrx who Orchard gets the prices from has no manager to promptly help you and you wait forever for someone to return your call which never happens.

How is this legal? Why is there no law suits. I am furious and want this handled immediately! Any others who have realized this has happened please join in and lets make a change for our children and family in need.


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